Our Technology

01 / Energy Storage

"Make Storage Your Friend!"

Based on thermo-chemical intelligence, we provide a cutting edge heat storage

The storage is safe, has an endless life span, and an erergy gain efficiency of 140 %! It sounds incredible, but by using our storage, we have an energy amount using heat, cold and electricity, that is actually higher than the sun's energy input.

02 / Water Harvesting

Based on thermechemical principles developed and tested by Prof. Jürgen Kleinwächter, we will be able to harvest fresh pure water right out of the air. Day and night, anywhere in the world, even in the deserts, without any further need of external energy.

03 / Food Application

Using the best of priciples combined, we are providing greenhouse technology. We achieve better growth than state-of-the-art regular greenhouses, we are energy autonomous, we are water autonomous.

Our technology does not only provider better growth, but also better storage. We can store food in dry air, even during maximum moist conditions.

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Plans for Our Technology Transfer Centre in Portugal

This is peppermint.one

Our History

peppermint.one has emerged from the life's achievement of Prof. Jürgen Kleinwächter. p.one aquired his technology and has therefore accumulated more than 40 years of R&D for harvesting and using the Sun's practically endless energy.

Our Vision

p.one's Kleinwächter technology will change the world to the better.

It provides all desired forms of energy and storage, independent, worldwide, with unparalleled efficiency.


Our Technology

Our tech is based on physics, chemistry and electrical and mechanical engineering.

p.one's Kleinwächter technology uses sun energy for both, for industrial applications and for peace technology:
Energy production, water harvesting, and providing of food and medicine.

Jürgen Kleinwächter always regarded the Sun as the world's only real open source. He spent decades on research and philosophy. He is a master in listening and observing, and, as a physicist, thus brngs his understandings into useful physics applications.

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Cooperation Partners

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